Unplug and Disconnect with new Breathe Program


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Lake Austin Spa Resort Helps Guests Unplug and Disconnect with New Program: BREATHE
Special Guest Speakers and New Classes Bring Mindfulness and Meditation to the Lake

AUSTIN, Texas (March 2014) – Just looking out onto the tranquil waters of Lake Austin is meditative enough for many of the guests who visit the 40-room destination spa in Austin, Texas. As science starts to take note of the power of the mind and people remain digitally wired into their tech devices, the importance of reconnecting with self and detoxing from the hectic pace of the modern world becomes a necessary step in maintaining one’s health. Lake Austin Spa Resort is introducing a new weeklong program, BREATHE, a collection of classes and practices for the mind to become better synced with the body.

While the practice of meditation is an ancient one, its benefits are now being backed by modern science. Meditation has been shown to increase immunity and lower anxiety, while also decreasing pain and lowering blood pressure. Ironically turning off your mind appears to improve concentration and memory, while also increasing one’s ability for social connection. It’s no wonder more and more people are trying to wrap their minds around meditation. SpaFinder’s 2014 Trends Report calls mindfulness the “über trend” for 2014, with people turning to spa and wellness activities to make that happen.

Offered during BREATHE weeks:
Moonlight Meditation on the Lake
Discover Your Meditation Personality
Breathing Meditation
Chakra Balancing Meditation
Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness)
Tai Chi –Chi Gong
Listening Meditation
Heart Focused Meditation
Blissful Slumber
Garden Meditation
Eat, Think and Be Mindful
Aqua Rhythms for Relaxation
Float to Relax
Yoga on the Stand Up Paddleboards
Guided Imagery
Tibetan Bowl Meditation
Meditation for Your Dosha

Special guest speakers such as Catherine Musemeche, M.D. will lead an insightful discussion called Why Meditation and Corinne Trang will teach a Mindful Cooking Class, Metta Meditation Class (Loving-Kindness) and Food Meditation Journaling. Rachel Fleischman, LCSW, will offer three classes that demonstrate how people can move out of their heads and into their bodies to heal.  

Spa services that complement the program and benefit both the mind and body include the Breathe Easy Facial, the 7 Centers of Life Chakra Massage, Marma & Dosha and Energy Balance with Healing Sound.

The program will be offered: May 19-26, 2014, August 18-25, 2014, November 3-10, 2014 and January 5-12, 2015.

Lake Austin Spa Resort is located at 1705 S. Quinlan Park Road in Austin, Texas.  More information can be found about the spa at www.lakeaustin.com or at www.facebook.com/lakeaustinspa.