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Fitness Friday

Although, there is a lot of truth to the above statements; it’s actually the combination of high heat and high levels of humidity that can be troublesome.  Thermometers do not tell the whole story and a small amount of moisture in the air is not typically a problem.  However, if you work, play or workout outdoors on a very hot and humid day, you understand the effects of humidity and heat combined.  At best, conditions are sticky, you’re uncomfortable and possibly…

Sweat, Sweet Sweat

7th August 2015

Fitness Friday

Some say they don’t sweat or they won’t sweat or they will do pretty much whatever it takes to not sweat including avoiding workouts, slowing down or stopping completely when even a hint of perspiration develops.  And that’s too bad because there are numerous rewards to working up a good sweat.

It’s a Good Thing
Sweating is our body’s natural air-conditioner that keeps us from overheating and perspiration is proof that we have a built-in mechanism for keeping…

Beach and Pool Workout

31st July 2015

Fitness Friday

All of us need down time--time to rest, relax and renew.  So when we have the opportunity to take a vacation, many of us head to the beach or a pool to kick back, bask in the sunshine and enjoy the lazy days of summer by the water.

Do we really need to kick back five days in a row though?  Some of us would be feeling pretty antsy after only a couple of days of no activity.  Yet, we’re not too eager to leave our brief stint in paradise.  Good news—you don’t have to! …