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Fitness Friday

We talk a lot about our fitness routines and how activity can contribute to a longer, healthier life.  On a related issue, what about our fitness clothing?  Could our care routine contribute to a longer life for what we wear?

I recently read an advertisement of a major fitness clothing company proclaiming that workout-wear should not celebrate a birthday.  Should this be considered a sales ploy or a helpful hint?

At times I wonder if I am proud, amazed, surprised or…

Fitness Friday

working out in the sunIn almost all parts of the country, it’s a given that the temperature will rise in the summer.  It’s hot; we sweat.  The humidity rises; our energy falls.  And, if we’re uncomfortable in the short time required to exit our air-conditioned car, walk briefly across a parking lot, and enter an air-conditioned building, how can we possibly be expected to exercise outdoors for any length of time?  Subsequently, when the heat arrives, many put away their walking or…

walkingFitness Friday

National Running Day was a couple of days ago and the Fitness Friday blog from last week was all about running—how to celebrate, how to begin, secrets for success, advice and motivational messages. Maybe running is not for you but you would like to find some form of “do anywhere” physical activity that requires no training and is fun. That’s walking! In the eyes of physicians and health experts all over the world, walking is respectable, beneficial, a recommended…