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The Adventurous Spa Guest

6th September 2012

Spa guests are usually willing to branch out and try different types of massage beyond just Swedish or Deep Tissue. With so many different types of massage available, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose the best therapy for you. More "adventurous" modalities that can be seen on the LakeHouse Spa menu of services include Thai massage, Shiatsu and Ayruvedic treatments.

Thai Massage is known as the "lazy man's yoga". There are two components of Thai massage: a stretching component…

We all have regrets. Those things said or unsaid, done or not done that we wish we had done differently. Gardeners may experience gardener's remorse about purchases - I sometimes buy too many plants at one time and let them die before they get in the ground. Or we might be fooled by a lovely picture and glowing accolades on a plant label for a plant that is not going to be happy in our garden. Perhaps worse though, are those plants that we put in that take over the entire garden without…

Trainer’s Tip: Toning

24th August 2012

Remember that toning the core is a three-step process. For the best results, you have to eat a healthy diet most of the time, perform plenty of fat-burning cardio throughout the week and do some form of resistance training that specifically targets the muscles in the abdomen area.

Will you see results if you only follow one or two of the steps? Yes, but it will take much longer to see results. Put the three-part plan in place and you'll be rockin' a six-pack or a most marvelous midsection soon!