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Quad: For the front of the thigh; hold your ankle and pull your foot back towards your glutes. Tuck the pelvis forward while gently pulling the leg back — the push/pull should bring the leg perpendicular to the hip. Pull the knee down towards the ground while holding the position — the knee will not actually go anywhere, but the engagement will give a much deeper stretch.

Calf: Step one foot back and press the heel into the ground. Make sure the toes of the back foot are pointing…

Why I Run

6th June 2012

In honor of National Running Day, Sharon Rekieta, Fitness Director at Lake Austin Spa Resort, shares why she runs!

Why do I run? 

Because I can
Because I can run solo, with my dog or with my running group buddies
Because it's cheaper than therapy
Because I really enjoy working up a serious sweat
Because I want to send that cupcake packing
Because I love to feel the after-effects
Because there are no techniques to learn, moves to master or equipment to buy
Because it's my personal time…

"Anybody can be a runner.  We were meant to move.  We were meant to run.  It’s the easiest sport."
--Bill Rodgers

Secret 1: Start: Every mile, 5K and marathon starts with a step.  Depending on your fitness level and exercise history, the start of your journey towards becoming a runner could be taking a few steps down your driveway or jogging a few intervals during your walk.

“If you run, you are a runner.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far.  It doesn’t matter if today is…