Notes from the Lake

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Looking for ways to shake up or refresh your fitness routine? How about these options?

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing fitness activities and a great option for those who live near water—a lake, river, or the ocean will do.  This floating fitness class fuses cardio, strength, balance and coordination on the water.  You’ll work your core; strengthen your muscle stabilizers, condition your cardiovascular system all while enjoying the great outdoors.

You can make…

Fun Facts About Fat

8th March 2013

Most of us probably do not view “fat” as fun. However, in many ways, fat is just as essential as our muscles and bones. Below are a few reasons why we need some fat and other fun facts.

Some fat tissue is needed as a protective packing around organs and structures of the body.

Fat tissue serves as a heat insulator and an emergency reserve of fuel.

In the female body, essential fat includes specific sex-related deposits.  Women have extra cushioning to protect, warm and nourish a…

Weights for Heart Health

22nd February 2013

Most people realize that activities that get your heart pumping such as walking, running, biking, swimming, etc., are good for heart health. However, according to recent research, pumping iron also benefits the heart and offers protection from cardiovascular disease.

During cardio exercise, our efforts call upon the heart to fill with blood and pump it out to the working muscles. As a result, our hearts become stronger and more efficient.

During weight/resistance training, the heart…