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A quick quiz to end your week... True or false? Weight training burns more calories than running.

The answer is "true" although it is a bit of a trick question.

When weight training and running are compared minute to minute as calorie burners, running is the winner.

However, the "truth" of weight workouts as a major calorie burner comes from the cumulative effect of regular sessions.

Consistently working out with weights or performing any kind of resistance training builds lean muscle…

Does this happen to you more often than you'd like to admit - most mornings, you wake up too tired to exercise before going to work and at the end of a busy day, you only want to relax and unwind? Are you wondering when you feel like this, should you make yourself exercise and push through a workout even if you are worn out?

There's not a quick yes or no answer, but here's a good place to start.

Rule out any underlying health factors that might be causing your fatigue. 

Do you have…

Most people love having their feet massaged. In fact, for most of my clients it is their favorite area. Time and time again, I hear people comment that the most relaxing part of the massage is the feet. While it feels good, massaging the feet also promotes overall health to the muscles and body systems. This type of massage is called reflexology, which utilizes specific techniques on the feet.

What makes reflexology different than your average massage? In typical body work, the…