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Some Causes of Low Back Pain: 
Backaches often result from a tug-of-war between the abdomen muscles and the gluteals (muscles in the bottom) and the hamstrings (muscles in the back of the thigh). 
If the abdomen or thigh muscles are weak, the lower back frequently wins the tug-of-war and takes the load thereby working harder than it should. 
Also, if you are carrying extra weight in the abdomen area, the body is pulled out of line and the lower back feels stress and strain from…

Fitness Fix: Knees

26th October 2012

Do you know that climbing stairs and hills can be great for your heart and overall conditioning but also damaging for your knees?  As you’re stepping/climbing UP, your knees absorb approximately one to two times your body weight—which is okay and safe and actually strengthens your muscles and joints.  However, as you’re stepping DOWN, your knees absorb six to seven times your body weight—which is not okay and with repetition, might eventually lead to joint problems and knee…

Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking with a French Accent is about the adventures (and mishaps) of a displaced Texan in Paris - yes, it's a cookbook, but one with stories - and it chronicles the struggles of dealing with the French (including Ellise's picky eater boyfriend, X) and her own homesickness for Texas, which she cured by making salsa, tortillas, and starting a Tex-Mex catering and cooking class business out of her teensy, subterranean 16th arrondisement apartment... The result: A…