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By: Darlene Fiske, The Fiske Group
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Lauren Purcell
Editor in Chief
Rachael Ray Magazine



One glance at the Rachael Ray website and within 2 clicks I already know my family is getting the Mexican Chicken Lime Soup this week. I’m immediately hooked, and this holds true for anything that Lauren Purcell touches. As the Editor in Chief of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and co-author of Cocktail Parties, Straight Up!, you are drawn to her…

February 9: For the Love of Books
Featuring Author Jill Connor-Browne, Fat is the New 30

February 11-17: Culinary Experience
Featuring guest chefs Kris Wrede, Beth Pav and Robin Miller

February 17-19: Guest Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Yamaguchi

March 4-10: Mothers/Daughters/Sisters/Friends

March 7: Creative Camera Control
Featuring Photographer Jim Lacy

March 8: For the Love of Books
Featuring Author Spike Gillespie, “What’s Your Story”

March 11-17: Culinary Experience

Many of us viewed the New Year as an appropriate time for making resolutions and we enthusiastically decided to “get in shape,” “declutter,” or “write the great American novel.”  Four weeks later, I imagine some are merrily rolling along on the path to success while others are floundering and unsure if they’re even on the right track.  If you’re in the successful category, congratulations and my only advice is keep up the good work!

However, if you are stumbling, it…