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How Do You Do That?

11th June 2012

This week, I was visiting with a frequent guest who relayed a wonderful discussion she had with her granddaughter, Abbie. Abbie is an amazing person (much like her grandmother), who at the age of eight is about to head off to camp for the very first time in her life. Grandma (known as Gre Gre) and Abbie were discussing if Abbie was excited or nervous about her first trip to camp. Gre Gre was telling Abbie how she should be MORE excited than nervous. Abbie looked at her as only a child…

Quad: For the front of the thigh; hold your ankle and pull your foot back towards your glutes. Tuck the pelvis forward while gently pulling the leg back — the push/pull should bring the leg perpendicular to the hip. Pull the knee down towards the ground while holding the position — the knee will not actually go anywhere, but the engagement will give a much deeper stretch.

Calf: Step one foot back and press the heel into the ground. Make sure the toes of the back foot are pointing…

Why I Run

6th June 2012

In honor of National Running Day, Sharon Rekieta, Fitness Director at Lake Austin Spa Resort, shares why she runs!

Why do I run? 

Because I can
Because I can run solo, with my dog or with my running group buddies
Because it's cheaper than therapy
Because I really enjoy working up a serious sweat
Because I want to send that cupcake packing
Because I love to feel the after-effects
Because there are no techniques to learn, moves to master or equipment to buy
Because it's my personal time…