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walkingFitness Friday

National Running Day was a couple of days ago and the Fitness Friday blog from last week was all about running—how to celebrate, how to begin, secrets for success, advice and motivational messages. Maybe running is not for you but you would like to find some form of “do anywhere” physical activity that requires no training and is fun. That’s walking! In the eyes of physicians and health experts all over the world, walking is respectable, beneficial, a recommended…

running - fitness fridayFitness Friday

Favorite running shirt slogan:
"There might come a day when I cannot run, TODAY is NOT that day!"

Running…some consider it a hobby, many claim it as the best way to stay fit, and others feel it is their passion.

Fun facts about running:

  • There are more than 75 million runners in the United States
  • The average person burns about 10 calories a minute while running
  • Approximately 200 muscles throughout the body are involved when running
  • Over one billion…

travel and excerciseFitness Friday

Simple Ways to Avoid Bringing Home Extra “Baggage” this Summer

Memorial Day signals the “unofficial” beginning of summer inspiring visions of beaches, theme parks and lazy days by the lake.   For some, visions of tighter pants and expanding waistlines also comes to mind.  However, that does not have to happen.  With a little bit of planning, you can avoid bringing home extra “baggage.”

Finding Time to Exercise:  Many people have mentioned that they go on…