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Fact or Fiction?

20th February 2015

Fitness Friday - WeightsFitness Friday

Weight training is a good way to reduce high blood pressure

This statement is mostly true.  Years ago, physicians warned their patients with high blood pressure to avoid lifting weights because the activity could cause spikes in blood pressure due to the increased strain on the heart.  However, research results did not always demonstrate that this danger would occur when lifting weights safely.  And recently there has been plenty of evidence showing that weightlifting…

A Healthy Heart - Lake Austin Spa ResortIf You’re Buying Chocolate for Your Loved Ones, Choose Dark! 
Dark chocolate that is at least 65% cocoa contains enough flavonoids to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol while improving blood flow to the heart to reduce blood clotting that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.  Just remember that about an ounce a day is sufficient.

Learn Your Blood Pressure Numbers
High blood pressure is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer” because the symptoms are not readily…

This week, the Fitness Friday blog arrives early to provide advance notice of:

Go Red for Women Friday, February 6. 

To raise awareness that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and to inspire women to take charge of their heart health, the American Heart Association created this social initiative in 2004.  The founders chose the very vibrant and attention-getting red as the representative color of power, energy and passion—characteristics needed for those involved…