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Fitness Friday

Temptations will be plentiful this time of year: dinner parties, goodie trays, bountiful buffets—how do we enjoy ourselves yet keep our caloric intake at a reasonable and healthy level?

Consider the following hints.

Concerned about drinking too many calories?
Realize that some of the popular holiday beverages are loaded with calories and fat:
Starbucks 16 oz. Peppermint Mocha: 470 calories, 22 grams fat
Hot Buttered Rum: 418 calories, 17 grams fat
Eggnog 8 oz.: 350…

Deck the Halls
Shop the Malls
Bake the Pies
Then, Exercise?

Yes!  To beat stress and de-compress, exercise!

Decorating, partying, shopping and baking can be exciting and exhilarating or overwhelming and exhausting.  If you’re already feeling tired and stressed just thinking about all that is involved preparing for the holidays, worry no more and instead start thinking about ways to fit some exercise into your day. 

How does exercise lift our spirits and provide pep?  Activity boosts…

sleepFitness Friday

Whether we are following tradition, acting out of habit or jumping on the public bandwagon, many of us wait for the right time to adopt a healthy behavior such as exercise or stop one that is not good for us, such as smoking. And there are many days throughout the year that seem to be conducive for making a positive change: Mondays, the first day of spring, the last day of school and the always popular New Year’s Day.  

If you’ve been waiting for an opportune time,…