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Fitness Friday

Thanksgiving arrives next week, not only signaling the beginning of the holiday season, but also the season of treats at the office, snacks at the school, numerous invitations to dinners with the extended family and plenty of parties with your friends. 

In other words, there will be many opportunities to overindulge.

Since turkey day comes first, let’s start with Thanksgiving and how to manage that “opportunity” to indulge.  Some estimate that each of us will eat…

Wonders of Water Workouts

13th November 2015

Fitness FridayWonders of Water Workouts

Some think of water workouts as only appropriate for seniors, those with injuries or anyone looking for an exercise program that is nice and easy.  And that would be true; however, the tide has changed and the word “only” in the previous sentence can be confidently deleted.  Water workouts are appropriate for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and any level of conditioning including professional athletes and hard-core workout warriors.  Many skeptics acquired an…

Fitness Friday

We are entering the time of year that causes stress for many—which is the opposite of what we want and need.  The holidays should be a time of joyful gatherings with loved ones, festive celebrations with family and friends and wonderful opportunities for meaningful moments of reflection.  Yet the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, cooking and traveling frequently interferes and leads to anxiety.  Is there a simple way to turn that around, reduce stress and…