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Research continues to demonstrate that pleasurable pursuits lead to numerous benefits including improved mood, increased productivity and longevity.  With that in mind, most of us will schedule a vacation designed to recharge our spirit and enhance our health.

Although summer officially arrived only two weeks ago, the beginning of July signals the middle of summer; which means opportunities for taking a…

Fitness Friday

Summer officially arrived earlier this week and warmer temperatures are headed to most parts of the country.  Check out the following tips to help you keep your cool.

Stay Hydrated: Water can help us beat the heat, stay cool and feel better—both inside and out!  Staying hydrated requires drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout.  And if you’re out in the elements for less than an hour, water will most likely be sufficient.  Carry a water bottle…

Fitness Friday

We talk a lot about our fitness routines and how activity can contribute to a longer, healthier life.  On a related issue, what about our fitness clothing?  Could our care routine contribute to a longer life for what we wear?

I recently read an advertisement of a major fitness clothing company proclaiming that workout-wear should not celebrate a birthday.  Should this be considered a sales ploy or a helpful hint?

At times I wonder if I am proud, amazed, surprised or…