Notes from the Lake

The official Blog of Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Lake Austin Spa Resort is one of the best Spa Resorts In Texas and I feel proud of working here, but after so many years I am afraid to say the day I was dreading finally came. This is a day I am just not ready for nor am I sure I will ever be—my AARP invitation! Bright red letters cheerfully inviting me to send in my $16 for a one-year membership with a long list of benefits I am now entitled to. Nothing against a fine organization like AARP, but as when I started receiving…

Last week a guest told me she was glad she came to a resort in Austin to “recharge her batteries,” and without a moment’s hesitation she turned to me and asked: what do you do to recharge your batteries? Her question hit me right between the eyes. I stood there hesitating thinking about my response, when she told me I better figure it out and put it on my calendar. Maybe a Texas getaway is what I would need, or doing other activities in Austin. I think that was probably the best

Pain Passes
Fatigue Fades
Achievement Lasts Forever

--Dr. Rock (Sharon Rekieta, PhD)

Sharon’s Seven Secrets for Running Success

“Anybody can be a runner.  We were meant to move.  We were meant to run.  It’s the easiest sport.”
--Bill Rodgers

Secret 1: Start: Every mile, 5K and marathon starts with a step.  Depending on your fitness level and exercise history, the start of your journey towards becoming a runner could be a few steps down your driveway or a few intervals of…