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Your list is long; time is short; obligations are multiplying; motivation is dwindling and you’re wondering: is it possible to regain enthusiasm, reduce stress and feel more joy this season?  The short answer is yes!  There are many ways to find happiness and restore harmony even amidst the typical hustle and bustle. 

Your first step is to realize that some things are out of your control, such as: long lines, traffic jams, and the weather.  Worrying and complaining about any of these…

Holidays and Comfort Food

6th December 2013

Holidays and Comfort Foods

Life is getting a little hectic, you’re starting to feel tense and you find yourself once again craving your favorite comfort food.  Have you ever wondered why you want particular treats when you’re anxious?  One explanation is that you might be trying to escape the stressful present by bringing back a piece of the pleasant past. 

Most of us remember how some foods made us feel better. Perhaps your Mother baked chocolate chip cookies as a reward after your…

A private culinary session with one of our renowned Chefs is the perfect way to compliment your stay and take the delicousness of Lake Austin Spa Resort home with you.

Private Culinary Instruction
Culinary Instruction is available as a one-on-one session or for small groups.  In this fun, interactive, hands-on and personalized class you will enhance your cooking skills. Each culinary creation will focus on recipe execution, as well as preparation methods that can be applied in your own…