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The Floating Musical Meditation & Relaxation technique, will allow you de-stress and relax. All you need is a serene body of water, comfortable floating mat and calming, inspiring music.


“Just Do It”

29th August 2014

Written by: Sharon Rekieta

I recently heard someone express regret for not exercising—she had planned to attend a class but could not find the motivation to get up and get moving. 

I understand that it might sometimes seem inconvenient to workout according to a facility’s set schedule.  However, there is a lot to be said for the inspiration and motivation received from a group--or from just knowing that others are perspiring with you.

As an example: prior to teaching a class late…

Life is a cycle of chaotic times and mellow times where routine or life circumstances drag us down, but how to get out of a rut and get motivated?


This Is Where I Am Today, But I Am Not Staying Long

A good friend of mine made this comment to me recently and it hit me between the eyes. Powerful words!  In her case, she is in a battle with breast cancer that is treatable and curable.  Still absolutely no fun, but she knows that if she keeps her mind moving forward, staying positive and…