Notes from the Lake

The official Blog of Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Summer officially arrives this weekend and typically brings warmer temperatures to most parts of the country.

If you find yourself thinking about curtailing your outdoor activities, follow these suggestions for a safe season of fun.

Stay Hydrated:  If you will be outside in the heat for any length of time, your body will need additional fluids.  Carry a water bottle so you can sip from it frequently—a common guideline is to consume four to six ounces every 15-minutes. If you are…

Lake Austin Spa Resort is one of the best Spa Resorts In Texas and I feel proud of working here, but after so many years I am afraid to say the day I was dreading finally came. This is a day I am just not ready for nor am I sure I will ever be—my AARP invitation! Bright red letters cheerfully inviting me to send in my $16 for a one-year membership with a long list of benefits I am now entitled to. Nothing against a fine organization like AARP, but as when I started receiving…

Last week a guest told me she was glad she came to a resort in Austin to “recharge her batteries,” and without a moment’s hesitation she turned to me and asked: what do you do to recharge your batteries? Her question hit me right between the eyes. I stood there hesitating thinking about my response, when she told me I better figure it out and put it on my calendar. Maybe a Texas getaway is what I would need, or doing other activities in Austin. I think that was probably the best