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Benefits of T’ai Chi

22nd August 2014

T'ai Chi at Lake Austin Spa Resort

Written by: T’ai Chi Sifu Donna Minshew

The most frequently expressed statement when a person walks in the door to our T’ai Chi class is “I have never done T’ai Chi before, but I have always wanted to try it.”  So at Lake Austin Spa Resort, we strive to introduce the guest to the art in a setting which is less intimidating than walking into a Kung fu Studio for the first time, yet will still provide them with enough information so that if they want to pursue it further, they…

Kids can teach us adults many things, but by simply observing them you can learn a few things about improving self confidence as well. I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a birthday dinner for a 10-year-old last week. Not having any children of my own, I must say this is not a regular occurrence for me.  I absolutely loved it. Great company, wonderful people, amazing kids and a decent meal – I certainly cannot complain. But that is not what made the night memorable in my mind. …

Sometimes we believe that if we live in a daily routine, we may also be considered boring and dull. We strive to have an exciting life full of new and different things each day.  Bring on the unexpected so that we are living on the edge and are never in a rut.

I have learned the hard way over the past year that ‘normal’ is a very desirable place to be! I long for the days when I can get up, workout, go to work, come home, fix dinner, go for a walk with the dogs, watch a little TV…