Notes from the Lake

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Last week a guest told me she was glad she came to a resort in Austin to “recharge her batteries,” and without a moment’s hesitation she turned to me and asked: what do you do to recharge your batteries? Her question hit me right between the eyes. I stood there hesitating thinking about my response, when she told me I better figure it out and put it on my calendar. Maybe a Texas getaway is what I would need, or doing other activities in Austin. I think that was probably the best

Pain Passes
Fatigue Fades
Achievement Lasts Forever

--Dr. Rock (Sharon Rekieta, PhD)

Sharon’s Seven Secrets for Running Success

“Anybody can be a runner.  We were meant to move.  We were meant to run.  It’s the easiest sport.”
--Bill Rodgers

Secret 1: Start: Every mile, 5K and marathon starts with a step.  Depending on your fitness level and exercise history, the start of your journey towards becoming a runner could be a few steps down your driveway or a few intervals of…

If time, money, or responsibilities were of no consequence at Lake Austin Resort, what would constitute your perfect day? As I was driving back to Lake Austin Resort, I was listening to a CD from a group called Lady Antebellum. They have a song that talks about your perfect day. They point out that when you are having your perfect day, all the normal responsibilities in life just never enter your mind because you are living in the moment of your perfect day. Granted, it had been a long…