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Pick the Right Rosemary

12th May 2014

Pick the rosemary that's right for your spot. Along with leaves for cooking, you can even eat the flowers. Some grow 5' tall; others stay low and spread like a groundcover. Other small ones make great containers. Trisha explains how to grow rosemary, even in shade. Flowers come in many shades of blue or white and all nourish bees.

Amazing Italian Jam Tart
After learning about the butter-sugar-flour-egg ratios for the classic Italian Crostata from Italian cooking teacher Judy Witts Francini, we made one with fig jam.  The Crostata, I learned during the class, can be filled with just about anything and a good jam is the easiest filling.   After one bite, I translated “crostata” to Amazing Italian Jam Tart.  This is one of those treasured recipes where the sum is greater than it’s parts!  The recipe’s list…

Lose Fat, Not Muscle

2nd May 2014

You adjust your diet to drop weight, and as a result, your metabolism slows down and your weight loss slows down also!  How frustrating!  This is where strength training proves its effectiveness.  Besides helping you burn more calories even when you're not exercising, weight work also offsets the typical muscle loss experienced by almost all dieters.  When you include strength training with dietary adjustments, you lose FAT, your metabolism stays high, and your body shows the change by…