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The search for the “best” exercise is a common quest for workout enthusiasts and experts in the field.  And for those of us working in the fitness realm, it’s also a common question we hear in the form of: what is the “best” exercise for sculpting the lower body, tightening the abdomen or defining the arms?

The answer depends on your level of conditioning and exercise experience as there are options that would be more appropriate for the “not yet” conditioned or beginner…

Benefits of Water Workouts

18th April 2014

ENVIRONMENT:  Working out in the water is more comfortable than exercising on land because water keeps the body temperature lower.  Therefore, exercising in the water on hot days can actually be refreshing.

BUOYANCY:  Since water relieves approximately 90% of your body weight, you become buoyant.  This buoyancy supports the body and allows you to make larger movements while eliminating the weight-bearing impact felt on land that sometimes causes discomfort.  Buoyancy also provides…

Simple Meditation

11th April 2014

Do you have a favorite song that is comforting, soothing, inspiring, reassuring, or calming?  If so, put on the tune, close your eyes, get comfortable and enjoy the melody and/or lyrics.

There you go—you’ve just meditated!

We are encouraged to meditate every day to receive the numerous benefits.  In just a few minutes, you can lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, acquire energy, inspire creativity, clear your mind and soothe your soul!

Meditation comes in many…