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This edition of Top 3 Thursday are the top 3 ways to improve your health today!

1. Find some Personal Quiet Time
“Stop and smell the roses” is not just a saying; it’s also good advice. 
When you “stop” for even a few minutes, the effects are immediate:
the heart beats slower, blood pressure normalizes, and your mind clears.

2. Eat a Piece of Fruit
Fruits are convenient snacks,
excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, low in calories and rich in soluble fiber that helps…

The Gift of an Hour

4th November 2013

Time Change = the Gift of an Hour

We turned our clocks back one hour last weekend and while knowing that most do not like the switch due to losing the after-work daylight, I personally feel that it is nice to be aligned with Mother Nature and the true timetable of the sun.  And, there is a recently discovered physiological advantage--most people sleep better once we return to the standard time--so look forward to the beginning of more restful slumber Saturday.

But now to the true…

By: Robin Jones, LakeHouse Spa Director

When I performed massage therapy, people would always ask me what the difference was between deep tissue and Swedish massage. This will be a short answer to a very complex difference. In saying this, realize each Massage Therapist is different, has varied education and this may not specifically apply to them. Communication with your Therapist is of the utmost importance during your session.
Swedish massage is a circulatory, relaxation massage.…