Add Pounds to Drop Sizes? It’s True!

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 15th November 2013

Most realize the importance of adding weight/resistance training to a well-balanced workout program.  If you’re not quite convinced, perhaps this simple fact will inspire you to pump some iron.

When you workout with weights or perform exercises using your own body weight as resistance (such as push-ups) your muscles respond by becoming denser, tighter, and smaller.  You may be adding lean muscle tissue that shows up as a few extra pounds on the scale, but your clothes will fit better because lean muscle tissue takes up less space!

In addition, muscle tissue is a fat burner while fat tissue is mostly inactive.  This means that if you are interested in maintaining your present weight, you can add more calories to your diet without adding pounds.

And remember, it only requires adding two resistance-training sessions (30- to 45-minutes) to your weekly workout program.  Little bit of an investment for a lot of return!