Appreciate Your Life And Daily Routine

superadmin - 7th August 2014

Sometimes we believe that if we live in a daily routine, we may also be considered boring and dull. We strive to have an exciting life full of new and different things each day.  Bring on the unexpected so that we are living on the edge and are never in a rut.

I have learned the hard way over the past year that ‘normal’ is a very desirable place to be! I long for the days when I can get up, workout, go to work, come home, fix dinner, go for a walk with the dogs, watch a little TV and go to bed only to do it all again the next day. I have learned there is nothing wrong with a daily routine-in fact it is a very comfortable place to be.

Over the past year, I have been the primary caretaker for a family member battling stage 2 invasive breast cancer. Our daily routine has been replaced with what we affectionately call ‘our second job’ attending doctor’s appointments, biopsies, scans, chemotherapy, surgeries etc. There is nothing exciting about this new life, and at times it is terrifying. I know I am not alone in this care-giving roll. I have spoken to many guests at the resort over the years at the spa in need of rest exhausted by the responsibility of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, a husband with heart disease, or a child with emotional issues. I believe a great deal of that exhaustion comes from this loss of a normal daily routine. The constant ups and downs of battling a disease and its consequences at times are exhausting! 

So today following the last chemo treatment and double mastectomy surgery, I hope you take a minute to appreciate your daily routine if you have one. I look forward to returning to a predictable, boring life deep in a rut! I will never underestimate the comfort I can find in a rut ever again, so kiss that predictable husband, thank those kids for eating their vegetables and doing their homework, be thankful for that same old job you have been doing for the past 10 years and embrace the comfort that comes from a daily routine. I promise – it is not a bad place to be!

Be well,