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Last week’s blog included general hints for surviving the temperature extremes of summer—and water was mentioned as a surefire way to beat the heat.  Since water is so important for safety and comfort, I wanted to expand on its virtues and offer a few examples of water’s helpful effects when used internally and externally.

Most know that staying hydrated requires drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout.  And if you’re out in the elements for less than an…

As a guest of the LakeHouse Spa, you have the opportunity to experience our many amazing body treatments. Did you know that each treatment is uniquely designed with a specific purpose? There are various methods to achieving the purpose of the comment elements in each of our treatment.

Dry Brushing: Dry brushing provides a very mild exfoliation but its main purpose is to help stimulate the lymph system. The lymphatic system plays a substantial part in immunity and fluid drainage. The…

Summer officially arrived earlier this week; however, Central Texas and many other parts of the country have been feeling the heat for months.

If you find yourself already curtailing your outdoor activities or counting the days until the first cool front, follow these suggestions for a safe season of fun.

Stay Hydrated:  If you will be outside in the heat for any length of time, your body will need additional fluids. Carry a water bottle so you can sip from it frequently — a common…