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There is an aura of mystery that has surrounded Craniosacral Therapy for a half a century and there is no “simple” answer to this question. Dr. John Upledger is today’s leading proponent and teacher of Craniosacral Therapy. There are different views of the energetic cosmos in which the body, emotions, mind and spirit are all transformations or expressions of basic energy and hopefully this brief summary will provide you with a simplistic view of his philosophy.

To begin, there is…

50/50 Chance

8th October 2012

Two years ago I was the primary caregiver for a family member that was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  She endured a lot over the course of a year, including five surgeries and six rounds of chemotherapy.  The day of her first surgery, when her cancer was formally diagnosed, the surgeon came to her room to check on her after surgery and informed us that the cancer had spread. He felt that 10 or 12 lymph nodes were involved and he pompously pronounced that she had a 50/50 chance…

Restful and restorative sleep is essential for physical and psychological health. Chronic lack of sleep or lack of refreshing sleep can lead to depression, muscle aches and pains, and impaired physical and mental functioning.

Insomnia frequently occurs if you are worried or if you are feeling so stressed and anxious that it is difficult to relax—subsequently, you lie in bed tired, yet unable to fall asleep. Yoga can be very beneficial for alleviating or minimizing insomnia. With its…