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Exercise for Energy

29th March 2013

Exercise boosts energy levels—it seems contradictory that expending energy can actually lead to feeling more energetic.  However, it’s not just anecdotal reports—plenty of scientific evidence supports the claim.

Activity literally sends energy throughout your body boosting both mental and physical power.  As you start to exercise, your heart beats faster and you start to breathe at a more rapid rate.  Blood and oxygen moves quickly to get to the involved muscles and organs,…

The Life Cycle of Ladybugs

27th March 2013

Do you believe Ladybugs are lucky? Have you ever wondered about a Ladybugs life cycle? Our Director of Flora and Fauna discusses the life cycle of a ladybugs in her latest segment.

Click here to watch the video.

By: Robin Jones
LakeHouse Spa Director

We have a vast and wide variety of treatments throughout our entire menu and sometimes it’s hard to choose which one would best suit you.I know my skin is feeling a bit dry this time of year and one of our new treatments is the “Quench Body Wrap”. The organic shea butter is warmed and brushed onto the body prior to being wrapped. While you are cocooned, warm oil is drizzled onto your hair and the scalp is massaged. The longer treatment…