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A good friend of mine made this comment to me recently and it hit me between the eyes!  This is where I am today, but I am not staying long.  Powerful words!  In her case, she is in a battle with breast cancer that is treatable and curable.  Still absolutely no fun, but she knows that if she keeps her mind moving forward, staying positive, she will not only survive, but thrive.  When she said this to me, it hit me for a lot of different reasons.  While I am thankful I am not in a battle…

Homemade Facial Techniques

21st March 2013

Learm homemade facial techniques from the Esthetician Erin from the LakeHouse Spa on Fox 7's Good Day Austin. Hint: think brown sugar and olive oil as an exfoliant...


Looking for ways to shake up or refresh your fitness routine? How about these options?

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing fitness activities and a great option for those who live near water—a lake, river, or the ocean will do.  This floating fitness class fuses cardio, strength, balance and coordination on the water.  You’ll work your core; strengthen your muscle stabilizers, condition your cardiovascular system all while enjoying the great outdoors.

You can make…