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Garden Deer and Pest Repellents

12th February 2014

I have finally found a deer repellent that works well and the smell doesn’t repel our guests or the gardeners! The company has developed environmentally friendly and effective products to repel everything from armadillos to mosquitoes. Watch to learn more about these exciting products.

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Sprouting Potatoes

7th February 2014

When sprouts on potatoes are a good thing! We are pre-sprouting or chitting our spuds to prepare for late February planting.

Go Red February 7!

6th February 2014

Go Red for Women Friday, February 7. 

To raise awareness that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and to inspire women to take charge of their heart health, the American Heart Association created this social initiative in 2004.  The founders chose the very vibrant and attention-getting red as the representative color of power, energy and passion—characteristics needed for those involved in supporting this worthy cause.

Cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks…