Aromatherapy Summer Helpers

superadmin - 22nd July 2013

Essential oils can help with many of the problems we encounter in summer months. Treating sunburn and insect bites, repelling insects and controlling fire ants are all possible with plant derived oils. Here are some recipes to help you have a more fragrant and enjoyable summer season:

Mosquito bite treatment
8 drops lavender
2 tablespoons unscented lotion
Mix together and apply to bites every hour until itching and redness is gone. Generally one or two applications are all that is needed. The lotion mix will also repel mosquitoes.

Fire ant bites, Spider bites
Mix equal parts lavender and tea tree essential oils and apply directly to the bites. A couple of drops of each should suffice. Fire ant bites typically need only one treatment. For treatment of spider bites, place a gauze pad over the oils and reapply frequently. See a Doctor if redness and irritation persists.

Minor cuts and scrapes
Wash well and apply a drop of tea tree oil to prevent infection. Do not use on deep cuts or puncture wounds.

Sunburns, Windburn
8 drops lavender
2 tablespoons unscented lotion
Combine and apply to sunburned skin. Repeat hourly. This will reduce the heat and discomfort and assist the skin in healing. (Of course, it is best not to get burned at all. Use your sunscreen!)

Natural Insect Repellant
15 drops lavender oil
10 drops lemon eucalyptus oil
8 drops lemongrass or geranium oil
4 drops peppermint
4 drops thyme

Combine the oils with four ounces of witch hazel for a body spray. Or use 4 ounces of oil or lotion with the essential oil blend and rub on the skin. Or mix with water, shake well and spray for an outdoor repellent spray.