Avoid Extra Vacation “Baggage”

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 21st June 2013

Do you return from a vacation carrying extra “baggage” around your waist?  If so, try some of the following hints.

Pack your walking/running shoes and workout clothing and wear them often!  You’ll see sights that you might miss when traveling by car, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and you’ll burn calories without much extra effort.

When the weather’s not cooperating for outdoor activity, get in a quick workout at the fitness center at the hotel.  Or, find a nearby health club.  Most will offer either a daily pass for a modest fee or allow you to pay for an individual class.

Skip the “empty calorie” items at a Continental Breakfast such as pastries, donuts and muffins.  Instead, start your day with nourishing, satisfying and nutritionally dense foods such as cereal, oatmeal, fruit and yogurt.  You’ll feel better, have more energy for the day and stay full longer.

Bring your own supply of healthy snacks such as energy bars, granola mix, air-popped popcorn so you won’t be tempted by the high-calorie, high-fat, and low-nutritional choices in the mini-bar or vending machine.

Enjoy alcohol in moderation.  Keep in mind that most alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories and that even a few drinks can add to half or even more of your daily caloric intake.  An easy way to indulge safely and healthfully is to add a “spacer” of sparkling water in between each beer, glass of wine or mixed drink.

Finally, remember that vacations should not be all about denial.  If you are looking forward to a sumptuous meal at a favorite restaurant or eager to sample some regional specialties, go ahead and treat yourself and leave the guilt behind!