Benefits of Water Workouts

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 18th April 2014

ENVIRONMENT:  Working out in the water is more comfortable than exercising on land because water keeps the body temperature lower.  Therefore, exercising in the water on hot days can actually be refreshing.

BUOYANCY:  Since water relieves approximately 90% of your body weight, you become buoyant.  This buoyancy supports the body and allows you to make larger movements while eliminating the weight-bearing impact felt on land that sometimes causes discomfort.  Buoyancy also provides support that assists in stability and balance.

ADAPTABLE: Water workouts are adaptable to everyone’s needs, preferences, and abilities and most classes performed in the shallow end of the pool are safe and modifiable for all fitness levels.

STRENGTH:  Water provides more resistance than air because of its increased density. This increased resistance helps to promote muscular endurance, definition and tone.  Most strength routines performed on land can be easily transferred to the pool.

FLEXIBILITY:  Due to the lessened effects of gravity in the water, our limbs, muscles and joints can easily move through a wider range of motion.  This helps to improve joint mobility and muscle fluidity and is especially beneficial as we age.