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National Running Day
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun facts about running:

  • There are more than 75 million runners in the United States
  • Over one billion pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide each year
  • You can “run on air.”  At regular points in the running cycle, both feet are off the ground.
  • The Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco is the largest run in the US with over 100,000 participants
  • While running, the feet strike the ground with a force of about three to four…

This morning I drug myself out of bed to go to the gym and get my workout in.  I must admit, when my alarm went off at 5:30 am, I didn’t jump out of bed with a great deal of enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, my workout routine has been a bit neglected in the past month. I am determined to get back into the habit of making myself get up so that I can start my day feeling great at Lake Austin Spa Resort. I know that once I am back in my routine, getting up so early won’t be such a…

Lose Fat, Not Muscle

2nd May 2014

You adjust your diet to drop weight, and as a result, your metabolism slows down and your weight loss slows down also!  How frustrating!  This is where strength training proves its effectiveness.  Besides helping you burn more calories even when you're not exercising, weight work also offsets the typical muscle loss experienced by almost all dieters.  When you include strength training with dietary adjustments, you lose FAT, your metabolism stays high, and your body shows the change by…