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Most realize the importance of adding weight/resistance training to a well-balanced workout program.  If you’re not quite convinced, perhaps this simple fact will inspire you to pump some iron.

When you workout with weights or perform exercises using your own body weight as resistance (such as push-ups) your muscles respond by becoming denser, tighter, and smaller.  You may be adding lean muscle tissue that shows up as a few extra pounds on the scale, but your clothes will fit better…

Spell Stress Relief ACTIVITY

8th November 2013

Stress happens so it’s safe to say that occasionally feeling anxious is normal. 
However, experiencing chronic stress or continually reacting negatively to what happens in your life is not normal and is definitely not a healthy way to live. 
So what is the remedy to relieve stress when our mood slips in the negative direction?  ACTIVITY!

The benefits of physical activity are well documented and stress relief is one of the more valuable outcomes.  Physiologically, exercise improves our…

This edition of Top 3 Thursday are the top 3 ways to improve your health today!

1. Find some Personal Quiet Time
“Stop and smell the roses” is not just a saying; it’s also good advice. 
When you “stop” for even a few minutes, the effects are immediate:
the heart beats slower, blood pressure normalizes, and your mind clears.

2. Eat a Piece of Fruit
Fruits are convenient snacks,
excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, low in calories and rich in soluble fiber that helps…