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If you resolved to start exercising, the following hints may help you keep that resolution:
If you have been inactive, start slowly by exercising in brief segments—for some, 10 – 15 minutes may be enough for a few workouts while others may need to keep their workouts brief for a few weeks.

Take it easy until your body adapts to the new demands.  Work at a moderately challenging level and gradually raise the intensity when the workout seems easier.

If you are not quite sure what…

How To Start a Resolution

28th December 2012

As 2013 begins, many view the New Year as an ideal opportunity to make a resolution—so we resolve to lose weight, stop eating junk food, or quit smoking.  Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, most resolutions are abandoned and forgotten within a few weeks. 

When explaining their failure, some blamed outside forces, “There were tasty temptations all around me;” others cited a lack of knowledge, “I couldn’t figure out the nutritional information on the packages;” and…

Holiday on the Water

21st December 2012

We are in the holiday spirit on lovely Lake Austin here at Lake Austin Spa Resort!