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Spring, A Time for Renewal

20th March 2015

Fitness Friday

Spring arrives today—a season that brings warmer temperatures, rejuvenating showers and extended daylight leading to budding trees, blooming flowers and greener lawns. 

With all of the fresh-air and nature’s beauty to enjoy, many spend time outdoors with exterior home improvement projects such as staining the deck, making over the lawn, sprucing up the flowerbeds or adding a fresh coat of paint to the front porch.

If you took on and completed a project, step back and…

Fitness Friday 

When discussing the after-effects of a strength-training workout, some claim to feel “almost nothing” and others complain that they felt “like they’d been hit by a truck.”  Not surprisingly, those in the group who felt nothing also felt that strength-training workouts were a waste of time while those feeling too much after burn thought weight training couldn’t possibly be good for you because the pain later was too intense.  Neither response is one that you…

Better Sleep for Daylight Savings TimeFitness Friday

As we spring forward and turn our clocks ahead one hour this weekend, there will be a lot of discussion about that lost hour, how it might affect our sleep Saturday night and how it might impact the way we feel not only the next day, but for weeks to come.  Most of us are happy that sunset will be later and we can enjoy outdoor activities after work—yet that benefit comes at a price.  The Monday after the change to Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been associated with…