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Fittness Friday

You enjoyed fantastic food at last night’s holiday celebration and would really like to get back on track by fitting in time for fitness.  However, friends and family are visiting and you are not sure how to squeeze in a workout without seeming rude.

First option: do any of your friends or family have a fitness interest?  Perhaps your uncle would appreciate your company during his morning bike ride.  Maybe your niece would love for you to drive her to the mall for some…

Fitness Friday

We all know that pushing through one more mile, completing that last rep (barely!) and finishing a challenging cycle class makes you physically stronger and more prepared to take on your next workout challenge.

Did you know that any of the above feats also increases your mental toughness?  Call it determination, resilience, confidence, tenacity or power of will.  Whatever word fits—you earned it so own it! 

And know that the next time life throws you a curve ball…

Fitness Friday

There are some risk factors for breast cancer that are out of your control such as being female, your age, hereditary factors and your family medical history. However, there are many lifestyle behaviors that can reduce your risk that are in your control including the following:

Limit alcohol consumption
Since even a small amount of alcohol is believed to increase the risk of breast cancer, most physicians are recommending that women limit themselves to two or three…