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Yes, you read that sentence correctly—however, the key word is “routine” and not “stop.” If your regular exercise program has become “routine,” it’s time to shake things up a bit.  A wonderful feature of our bodies is adaptability; yet this same feature can work against us.  When we repeat the same weight-training program, run the same route, take the same cycle class, our bodies learn what to expect and become much more efficient—which is not what we want if we are…

1.  MOVE:  Active Sitting--sit on a Stability Ball instead of an office chair.  You’ll move without even thinking about it and your muscles will stay more engaged.

2.  Take opportunities to walk around--at least once an hour, instead of calling or e-mailing a coworker, walk to the person’s office to personally deliver the message

3.  Need a restroom break?  Walk up a couple of flights of stairs to use the restroom on another floor or choose the one that is furthest from your…

Summer officially arrives this weekend and typically brings warmer temperatures to most parts of the country.

If you find yourself thinking about curtailing your outdoor activities, follow these suggestions for a safe season of fun.

Stay Hydrated:  If you will be outside in the heat for any length of time, your body will need additional fluids.  Carry a water bottle so you can sip from it frequently—a common guideline is to consume four to six ounces every 15-minutes. If you are…