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Workout to the Beat

12th September 2014

FitBeat - Fitness Friday Written by: Sharon Rekieta

Has this happened to you--a lively tune starts playing and almost involuntarily your feet start tapping, your fingers start snapping and before you know it, you are rockin’ and rollin’.  When we hear music, our body wants to move and we want to synchronize our movement to the beat—and that might mean we will pick up the pace, finish the race or dance to one more song on the playlist.

For those who already use music to accompany activity, you will not be…

“Just Do It”

29th August 2014

Written by: Sharon Rekieta

I recently heard someone express regret for not exercising—she had planned to attend a class but could not find the motivation to get up and get moving. 

I understand that it might sometimes seem inconvenient to workout according to a facility’s set schedule.  However, there is a lot to be said for the inspiration and motivation received from a group--or from just knowing that others are perspiring with you.

As an example: prior to teaching a class late…

Yes, you read that sentence correctly—however, the key word is “routine” and not “stop.” If your regular exercise program has become “routine,” it’s time to shake things up a bit.  A wonderful feature of our bodies is adaptability; yet this same feature can work against us.  When we repeat the same weight-training program, run the same route, take the same cycle class, our bodies learn what to expect and become much more efficient—which is not what we want if we are…