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Fitness FridayCandied Apples

Celebrating Halloween involves a multitude of traditions including decorations, costumes, festivals, parties and plenty of goodies.  Many kids (and adults!) have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dress up, get together with friends and indulge in sweets and treats—especially candy.  To prepare for the annual trick-or-treat tradition, Americans will purchase almost 90 million pounds of candy in the next seven days making Halloween the frontrunner by a very high…

energyFitness Friday

Exercise: Energy Out = Energy In?

When feeling fatigue, many seek the comfort of an easy chair as a way to refresh and recharge.  And for those who were on the run, literally or metaphorically, probably the best option would be to chill and take some time to rest and unwind. 

However, for those who are sedentary most of the day behind the wheel, in front of a computer or involved in a project requiring a lot of sitting, additional relaxation will not provide much pep. …

Strong Hearts Power On

27th February 2015

Fitness Friday

The bad news: Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States.  And, every sixty seconds, someone dies from a heart-related event.

The good news: There are many ways to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system; thereby, minimizing your risks.

Know your numbers.  Schedule an appointment with your physician to learn if your blood pressure readings, cholesterol levels and weight are safe and appropriate for you.  If anything is out of…