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What is your favorite kitchen tool and why? My Chefs Knife, you only need one great sharp knife

What or who inspired you to want to cook? My family, they are farmers. They did lots of cooking.

What is your favorite comfort food? Slowly cooked beans of any kind.

What was you best meal ever in a restaurant? White Truffle Pizza in Tuscany

What is your most used or favorite cookbook? Google, nobody buys cookbooks anymore they just Google them.Cookbooks are more about collecting.

What is…

Thanksgiving arrives next week and not only signals the beginning of the holiday season but also the season of treats at the office, snacks at the school, dinners with the extended family and parties with your friends.  In other words, plenty of opportunities to overindulge.
During the next few weeks, you’ll find many hints and tips at the Fitness Friday blog for getting through the holidays healthy and happy.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving; some estimate that each of us will eat…

Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking with a French Accent is about the adventures (and mishaps) of a displaced Texan in Paris - yes, it's a cookbook, but one with stories - and it chronicles the struggles of dealing with the French (including Ellise's picky eater boyfriend, X) and her own homesickness for Texas, which she cured by making salsa, tortillas, and starting a Tex-Mex catering and cooking class business out of her teensy, subterranean 16th arrondisement apartment... The result: A…