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10 Ways to Lose a Pound

27th November 2015

Fitness Fridaylose weight

Losing a pound requires creating a deficit of 3500 calories.  You can accomplish that by eating less or burning more with some type of physical activity.  Many find it’s easiest to do a little of both—cut 250 calories from your diet and burn an additional 250 with exercise.

Check out the hints below to see what might work for you.

Diet Substitutions:

Forego the bun and wrap your burger in a crispy slice of lettuce for a savings of 250 calories.

Enjoy a flavored,…

Fitness FridayDay Light Savings Time

Whether we are following tradition, acting out of habit or jumping on the public bandwagon, many of us wait for the right time to adopt a healthy behavior such as exercise or stop one that is not good for us such as smoking. And there are many days throughout the year that seem to be conducive for making a positive change: Mondays, the first day of spring, the last day of school and the always popular New Year’s Day.  

If you’ve been waiting for an opportune time,…

Benefits of Fitness Trackers

9th October 2015

Fitness Friday

Familiar saying: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

Today’s updated version: “The accumulation of 10,000 steps begins with a single step and a fitness tracker to record your progress.”

Fitness trackers are popular and helpful for many reasons; below are some of the benefits.

Automatic Monitoring
With today’s trackers, all you need to do to monitor your activity and sleep patterns is place the item on your wrist, put it in your…