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Fitness Friday

Many view the New Year as an appropriate time for making changes and resolve to “get in shape,” “organize the household,” or “make more money.”  Weeks later, some are merrily rolling along on the path to achievement while others are floundering and unsure if they’re even on the right track.  Maybe you read last week’s Lake Austin Spa Resort's Fitness Friday blog article and are ready to make a change, state a resolution and start working towards your…

Thinking About a Resolution?

2nd January 2015

Fitness Friday

As 2015 begins, many view the New Year as an ideal opportunity to make a resolution—so we enthusiastically embark on our programs to lose weight, start exercising, or stop smoking.  After a few weeks, some are making progress and steadily moving towards achieving their goals while many more, despite their best intentions, are giving up and literally abandoning their resolve.

When explaining their failure, some blamed outside forces, “There were tasty temptations all…

Holiday Reflections

26th December 2014

Fitness Friday

Even though the holidays are a joyful time full of celebrations, they can also be stressful.  Engaging in physical activity is great and one way to relieve some of that stress, see some of our daily fitness activities here.

As another option, taking part in a passive activity has its calming benefits.  We did that here at Lake Austin Spa Resort by offering a relaxing cruise on lovely Lake Austin giving our guests some time to hit the pause button, unwind and refresh.