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Fitness Friday

frequently asked fitness questionsAbout six months ago, I started walking three miles four or five times a week to lose weight.  After a few months, I was about 10 pounds lighter and felt great.  Since then, I’ve only lost a little bit more weight and am starting to feel discouraged.  Have a hit “the plateau” that everyone talks about?  If so, what can I do to start losing weight again?

At the beginning of the year, I added weight training to my cardio routine to firm up, increase my strength and…

Why Weight Train?

24th April 2015

Fitness Friday

Health experts tell us that “exercise” can slow the physiological aging clock, improve our appearance and generally make us feel better.  When hearing that advice, many interpret “exercise” as some type of aerobic activity and embark on programs designed to improve cardio fitness.  While aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, biking or swimming has many excellent health benefits such as conditioning the heart and lungs, maintaining weight and increasing…

energyFitness Friday

Exercise: Energy Out = Energy In?

When feeling fatigue, many seek the comfort of an easy chair as a way to refresh and recharge.  And for those who were on the run, literally or metaphorically, probably the best option would be to chill and take some time to rest and unwind. 

However, for those who are sedentary most of the day behind the wheel, in front of a computer or involved in a project requiring a lot of sitting, additional relaxation will not provide much pep. …