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Fitness Friday

Many view the New Year as an appropriate time for making changes and resolve to “get in shape,” “organize the household,” or “make more money.”  Weeks later, some are merrily rolling along on the path to achievement while others are floundering and unsure if they’re even on the right track.  Maybe you read last week’s Fitness Friday blog article and are ready to make a change, state a resolution and start working towards your goal.  So you are checking in…

Thinking About a Resolution?

8th January 2016

Fitness FridayNew Year Resolutions

As 2016 begins, many view the New Year as an ideal opportunity to make a resolution—so we enthusiastically embark on our programs to lose weight, start exercising, or stop smoking.  After a few weeks, some are making progress and steadily moving towards achieving their goals while many more, despite their best intentions, are giving up and literally abandoning their resolve.

Are you in the latter group?  Is this the third, fourth or even tenth year that you are once…

10 Ways to Lose a Pound

27th November 2015

Fitness Fridaylose weight

Losing a pound requires creating a deficit of 3500 calories.  You can accomplish that by eating less or burning more with some type of physical activity.  Many find it’s easiest to do a little of both—cut 250 calories from your diet and burn an additional 250 with exercise.

Check out the hints below to see what might work for you.

Diet Substitutions:

Forego the bun and wrap your burger in a crispy slice of lettuce for a savings of 250 calories.

Enjoy a flavored,…