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Slim Secret

26th September 2014

Fitness Friday with Sharon Rekieta

I was recently asked by Health magazine to provide a “slimming secret” for an article about weight loss.  I needed about two seconds to provide my two-word answer: strength training!

When wanting to lose weight, many of us turn up the cardio to burn extra calories—and that is an excellent idea as long as you keep moving.  However, if you want to transform your body into a lean, fat-burning machine that continues to burn calories after you stop…

Cardio boosts flu shotFitness Friday with Sharon Rekieta

For those of us who like to stay active, it’s important that we stay healthy throughout the flu season. There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather and being sidelined and unable to participate in our favorite recreational pursuits.

So we take precautions such as washing our hands frequently, sleeping well, eating a balanced diet, and getting a flu vaccine. Since we take such care with our hygiene, sleep and diet, it makes sense to also…

The Floating Musical Meditation & Relaxation technique, will allow you de-stress and relax. All you need is a serene body of water, comfortable floating mat and calming, inspiring music.