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Root Knot Nematodes

24th June 2013


These parasitic worms infest plant roots and rob them of water and nutrients. They are microscopic worms, but the damage to roots is very apparent. They are more common in sandy soils and can be introduced when soil is added to the garden, from soil on tools and garden implements or from infected plants.

It is easy to see the difference between the healthy okra root and the other roots in the photo below.

These are not nitrogen nodules which are found on the roots of beans and other…

The Life Cycle of Ladybugs

27th March 2013

Do you believe Ladybugs are lucky? Have you ever wondered about a Ladybugs life cycle? Our Director of Flora and Fauna discusses the life cycle of a ladybugs in her latest segment.

Click here to watch the video.

Some herbs are seasonal, even in the mild climate of central Texas, and I miss cooking with basil too much to part with it altogether in the winter months. Basil loses its flavor as a dried herb, so freezing if the method I prefer to use to preserve it.

Other herbs which die back seasonally are dill, cilantro, chervil and parsley. They can be difficult to keep alive in the summer months so are worth freezing since they don’t dry very well. Lemon balm, lemon verbena and Mexican…