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The first cool fronts of fall have finally arrived and have brought welcome rain. As temperatures begin to cool, many of our summer herbs will begin to decline. Drying herbs can allow you to savor the flavor of your garden throughout the year.

Bundles of dried herbs can be a beautiful and fragrant home accent and are always a welcome gift to creative chefs without an herb garden of their own. I like to tie a small bundle of herbs on a package or a gift bag or even around the neck of a…

We all have regrets. Those things said or unsaid, done or not done that we wish we had done differently. Gardeners may experience gardener's remorse about purchases - I sometimes buy too many plants at one time and let them die before they get in the ground. Or we might be fooled by a lovely picture and glowing accolades on a plant label for a plant that is not going to be happy in our garden. Perhaps worse though, are those plants that we put in that take over the entire garden without…

Compost Tea

17th July 2012

Our resort gardens are growing very lush and the plants are quite productive. I like to make sure that my plants have the nutrients they need to keep providing the chefs with all the herbs and vegetables they can use. We brew a quick compost tea with ordinary products that everyone can find and use recycled plant containers to put nutrients right at the root zone of plants without disturbing delicate roots.

Here is an installment of The Central Texas Gardener filmed in our gardens at…