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There is an aura of mystery that has surrounded Craniosacral Therapy for a half a century and there is no “simple” answer to this question. Dr. John Upledger is today’s leading proponent and teacher of Craniosacral Therapy. There are different views of the energetic cosmos in which the body, emotions, mind and spirit are all transformations or expressions of basic energy and hopefully this brief summary will provide you with a simplistic view of his philosophy.

To begin, there is…

The Adventurous Spa Guest

6th September 2012

Spa guests are usually willing to branch out and try different types of massage beyond just Swedish or Deep Tissue. With so many different types of massage available, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose the best therapy for you. More "adventurous" modalities that can be seen on the LakeHouse Spa menu of services include Thai massage, Shiatsu and Ayruvedic treatments.

Thai Massage is known as the "lazy man's yoga". There are two components of Thai massage: a stretching component…

Most people love having their feet massaged. In fact, for most of my clients it is their favorite area. Time and time again, I hear people comment that the most relaxing part of the massage is the feet. While it feels good, massaging the feet also promotes overall health to the muscles and body systems. This type of massage is called reflexology, which utilizes specific techniques on the feet.

What makes reflexology different than your average massage? In typical body work, the…