Deep Tissue Vs. Swedish Massage

Robin Jones - 30th October 2013

By: Robin Jones, LakeHouse Spa Director

When I performed massage therapy, people would always ask me what the difference was between deep tissue and Swedish massage. This will be a short answer to a very complex difference. In saying this, realize each Massage Therapist is different, has varied education and this may not specifically apply to them. Communication with your Therapist is of the utmost importance during your session.
Swedish massage is a circulatory, relaxation massage. You can receive light, medium or medium-firm pressure during a Swedish massage, but the strokes are typically long and fluid. The overall feeling is one of resting and relaxing. The tools are smaller, such as hands and fingers. There can be some kneading and flowing motions to get the blood pumping and clear out toxins.
Deep tissue is more intense, more muscle structured.  It involves bigger tools such as the forearm, elbow and the fist.  Some people hold certain points to release tight muscles, while others go over the belly of the muscle with something like their forearm repeatedly to help it release and smooth out.

I would suggest that if you are coming here for your first ever massage, to start with a Swedish massage. You can choose from a Partial Body Massage, a Full Body Massage or Ultimate Massage. Many of our Body Treatments include a massage, so it would be a nice introduction to start with a wrap or scrub and massage.
If you already know you like deep tissue, schedule a Custom Comfort massage. This has a choice of french lavender or arnica oil and optional mud for your back. The french lavender oil helps you relax while the arnica oil helps to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation.

Never be afraid to talk to your Therapist about the pressure and to ask for lighter or firmer touch according to your needs. 

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