Exercise for Energy

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 29th March 2013

Exercise boosts energy levels—it seems contradictory that expending energy can actually lead to feeling more energetic.  However, it’s not just anecdotal reports—plenty of scientific evidence supports the claim.

Activity literally sends energy throughout your body boosting both mental and physical power.  As you start to exercise, your heart beats faster and you start to breathe at a more rapid rate.  Blood and oxygen moves quickly to get to the involved muscles and organs, mitochondria—your body’s energy makers, multiply, your “feel better” endorphin level climbs, your mind clears, your metabolism rate rises and even your immune system receives a beneficial boost.  The outcome is invigorating!

As a cumulative effect of working out regularly, this increased power happening within our body becomes a more natural state.  As a result, we operate more efficiently, overall endurance improves and any type of effort feels easier.

And the best news—it only takes about 20-minutes of light to moderate activity every day to increase your energy levels considerably.  One caveat—energy remains only as long as you keep exercising.  So find some activity that you enjoy and keep moving!