Fitness Fix: Knees

Site Administrator - 26th October 2012

Do you know that climbing stairs and hills can be great for your heart and overall conditioning but also damaging for your knees?  As you’re stepping/climbing UP, your knees absorb approximately one to two times your body weight—which is okay and safe and actually strengthens your muscles and joints.  However, as you’re stepping DOWN, your knees absorb six to seven times your body weight—which is not okay and with repetition, might eventually lead to joint problems and knee pain.

Suggestions to keep you and your knees healthy:
If you walk/run stairs or climb hills for fitness, walk down at a much slower pace than when you were going up. In addition, walk down in a zig-zag manner—which is walking down on an angle.
If you run stairs in an office building, take the elevator down.
Never run downhill or run down stairs quickly as that is too much pounding on the joints!

Keep in mind that our knees LOVE going up; however, they really dislike going down.