How Do You Do That?

Tracy York, General Manager - 11th June 2012

This week, I was visiting with a frequent guest who relayed a wonderful discussion she had with her granddaughter, Abbie. Abbie is an amazing person (much like her grandmother), who at the age of eight is about to head off to camp for the very first time in her life. Grandma (known as Gre Gre) and Abbie were discussing if Abbie was excited or nervous about her first trip to camp. Gre Gre was telling Abbie how she should be MORE excited than nervous. Abbie looked at her as only a child can and asked a very good question. "Gre Gre," she said, "how do you do that?" How do you focus on what makes you excited versus what makes you nervous? What a brilliant question!

Abbie's insightful question got me thinking about how often we adults focus on what is negative, what needs fixing, or what could be better versus what is positive, working well and enjoyable. It should not be the exclusive territory of kids to be excited and nervous about new and different things. But instead, adults tend to worry about what might go wrong versus focusing on all the good things that life will bring.

I don't know if there is a good answer to Abbie's question, "How do you do that?". But I would like to think that if we start by putting ourselves in a grateful and positive place before we encounter our next challenge, we just might learn a great lesson from the kids around us. I, for one, am willing to try.

Have fun at camp, Abbie! Now, how do I get a turn on the water blob?

Take special care!

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