How To Find Peace of Mind At Our Resort In Austin

superadmin - 1st July 2014

The summer season is an ideal time to focus on yourself inside and out, and there is nothing like spending it at a resort in Austin. In this society we know what everything costs but we don’t know the value of anything. We have to have the latest brand name bag, dress or watch because we just have to have it. We certainly don’t need it. We errantly make the assumption that because it is more expensive, because it costs more, it is worth more or has more value. People are constantly caught in this psychological battle and it is essential to step away and analyze your life to find your center, your focus.

Yesterday I watched a show on television that asked people to rank the cost of a bottle of wine in a blind taste test. In other words, they had to taste five wines and rank them from most to least expensive.  Not a single member of the group was able to do so correctly. Watching that show got me thinking about how we determine the value of an item based on what it costs. We think that because it is costs more, it must be better when in actuality; shouldn’t it be better first in order to justify the increased cost? 

But before you spend a penny on a delicious bottle of wine or a beautiful designer bag, I encourage you to think about cost and value in a more basic way as you step into the tranquility of our resort in Austin – peace of mind. There are very few things available to us today that rival the value of peace of mind.  Finding and maintaining peace of mind is a lifelong journey. Before I spend my hard earned dollars or expend valuable attention and energy on anything, I try to consider whether that item or activity brings me enjoyment and peace of mind. I am not willing to purchase an item if it adds financial pressure or stress to my life but I will spend the effort to confront a difficult person or situation if it will offer me peace of mind knowing the stress is off. Hopefully at the end of the day, these decisions make me a happier person.

I hope this summer finds you enjoying a bit of rest, relaxation and peace of mind at our resort in Austin. 

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