Let The Stress Go With A Girlfriend Getaway

superadmin - 24th June 2014

Several months ago, I was visiting with a guest who was on a girlfriend getaway at Lake Austin Spa Resort for some much deserved rest and relaxation. You see, she had just been through two of her three sons marriages. We talked of the planning, the pressure and the joy that surrounds such a special time and how you see the absolute best and absolute worst in people when that kind of event is underway—she definitely needed some stress relief activities. She went on to tell me that the best advice she was given as the mother of the groom was to “wear beige and keep your mouth shut”. She went on to tell me how the events were beautiful and everyone emerged happy, but how hard it was at times to keep the peace by wearing beige to blend into the wall and struggling not to have an opinion when her input was not requested.

As she carried on with her girlfriend getaway at the spa at Lake Austin, I found myself thinking about other situations where it would be advantageous to wear beige and keep your mouth shut. Haven’t we all been faced with a dear friend or family member asking us what we think of what they are wearing or how they wear their hair – wear beige and keep your mouth shut. When your boss has what he or she believes to be the best idea ever, but you know it won’t work – wear beige and keep your mouth shut.  When your favorite charity is looking for volunteers to raise money for yet another cause – wear beige and keep your mouth shut. Like I said, it is not such a bad idea to incorporate that type of thinking in some situations.  It is not always necessary be the leader or to have an opinion or the last word in every situation.

This is why a girlfriend getaway is needed every now and then to let go of the stress of holding things in. I passed on this advice to my sister this week since she has four sons, the oldest of which got engaged this past weekend. And while the family is all smiles as we bask in the joy of this new step in his life, we should be reminded that the pressure cooker of wedding planning is just starting to heat up. It will be fun, it will be memorable and it will be wonderful – if the right people remember to wear beige and keep their mouth shut.

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