Lifting Weights vs. Resistance Training

Site Administrator - 10th May 2013

A question from one of our blog readers…

Is “lifting weights” the same as “resistance-training” or “body sculpting”?

Yes, all of those terms are synonyms and the broad definition is any type of activity that puts more than normal amounts of stress or resistance on your muscles.  This type of training increases your lean muscle tissue, sculpts your body, and adds definition.  And, you do not have to necessarily “pump iron” to achieve results.  Using exercise bands, tubing, medicine balls, kettle bells, and even your own body weight would offer additional resistance to the exercise you were performing.  For example, beginners to “weight-training” would probably feel that squats without any added “resistance” would be enough of a challenge—and they would be correct.  However, once the person becomes stronger, it would be a good idea to add resistance in the form of hand weights, a barbell, a medicine ball, etc. to increase the challenge so the muscles would respond and improvement would continue.